It's finally here- 

Oh Monkey! 

Now Available online in your choice of e-reader, soft cover and hard cover

"Monkey chatters in my ear all day long!"

Oh, Monkey! is an introduction to the concept of our inner critic. 

We all have a ‘Monkey.’  It is the protective voice inside of us that tells us that we aren’t ”enough.”


To protect us from getting hurt, it will often say anything to keep us from trying new things. 


Listening to our Monkey affects our choices and self- confidence, causing us to second guess the things in life that our heart and soul desire.


word on the street 


Oh Monkey!

Joanne, Grade 2/3 Teacher

As a teacher, I see this book as a wonderful way to teach children about the monkey mind. I love the creative element at the back and suggestions for the new way to get along. 

Kristine Irving, Life Coach 

As a life coach, I regularly address the concept of our self sabotaging "monkey mind" with clients. They are often 40, 50, 60 years old and hearing this for the first time. Imagine learning at a young age that we are not powerless to the thoughts in our minds? I can't wait to get my hands on this transformative and visually beautiful book!

Dr. Liza Lackner

As a mom, I absolutely love this book! I am looking forward to reading it to my two sons.